Replacement Parts


Buell APC offers replacement parts for all OEM ESP designs.
Emitting Electrodes
  • Buell APC offers replacement parts for many OEM ESP designs emitting electrodes. Our standard emitting electrode is designed for long life with minimum tensile strength specification of 216,000 psi. Shrouded hook ends are manufactured with the electrode wire inserted through the shroud prior to forming the hook thus eliminating the requirement for crimping.
Conversion of Wire Emitting electrodes to Rigid Emitters
  • Pipe and pin rigid emitter
Scrubber Replacement Parts
  • Buell APC offers quality replacement parts for wet FGD towers and FGD spray absorbers
  • Spray Tower includes: spray nozzles and header piping, mist eliminator systems, and mist eliminator nozzles
  • Spray Dryer Absorber includes: atomizer wheels, drive belts, drive bearings
Replacement collecting plate panels
  • The collecting plate panel has been significantly changed from the original ‘B’ collecting plate panel. The original profile has been strengthened for the current design. The original design has a rolled edge in the shape of a ‘G’ and was 1 ¾” wide. The current rolled edge is squarer, deeper, and had a width of 2”. The resulting profile results in a more rigid panel that is less susceptible to warpage over time.
Collecting Plate Bottom B-Line Modification
  • The collecting plate lower alignment modification replaces the original B-Line alignment guide on vintage Buell/GEESI precipitator wire-weight precipitators. The modification provides a means of maintaining lateral alignment while allowing vertical movement of the collecting plates to occur. The modification does not allow ash buildup on the alignment guide that could, over time, restrict vertical movement and cause plate bowing. Minimal welding is required for field installation.
Glass Epoxy Replacement Insulators
  • For precipitator temperatures of 315 F or less, replace your existing alumina shaft insulator with a durable, low cost glass epoxy insulator. With no need to tack–weld mounting bolts and hardware, the field labor required to install the epoxy insulator is substantially reduced. Benefits include improved rapping force transmission and greatly improved reliability.
Vibrator Mount Tapered Shaft Conversion
  • The tapered-shaft conversion is an effective replacement for vibrator mounting mechanisms which are loose and inefficient. The tapered shaft design features a connection that remains tight due to the tapered shape fit. The connection consists of a mounting plate with a conical hole that mates with the tapered shaft. The increased contact surface and snug connection will improve vibration transmission.
  • Benefits include: improved electrode cleaning, which contributes to increased electrical power input; simpler design, fewer components; and reduced maintenance.
Electromagnetic Impact Rappers, Replacement Gaskets and Boot Seals
Replacement Precipitator Shaft, Support and Lead-In Bushing Insulators
  • Insulator material is high density alumina with a minimum of 85% alumina content

Insulator heaters, insulator compartment air purge and pressurization systems

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