Studies & Upgrades


MET Engineering Studies and Upgrades
Our team of WFGD experts can evaluate your current system, no matter the OEM, and provide on-site engineering and analysis in addition to cost effective solutions to improve plant operations, including:

  • Improve SO2 removal efficiencies
  • Allow operation with higher sulfur coals
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Remove packing or trays
  • Convert to forced oxidation
  • Change reagent preparation and dewatering systems
  • Eliminate bypass
  • System improvements
  • Convert systems to alternative reagents
  • Equipment / system reliability improvements
  • Reduction in operating and maintenance costs


We also offer in-house laboratory capabilities and analysis to help determine and correct issues, including:

SO2 Scrubber Towers


  • Weight Percent Solids determination for Slurry Sample
  • Weight Percent Solids determination for Filter Cake
  • Calcium Carbonate analysis
  • Calcium Sulfite hemihydrate analysis
  • Acid insoluble
  • Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate
  • Calcium Ion
  • Total Calcium Ion
  • Magnesium Ion
  • Sulfate Ion
  • Chloride Ion
  • Sulfite Ion
  • Chloride Ion in Solids
  • pH of Gypsum solids
  • Acidity in fertilizer
  • Limestone Reactivity Test
  • Limestone and Gypsum particle sizing
  • Ammonium Sulfate determinations

Other FGD analysis can be completed upon request.


  • WFGD Reagents include Ammonia, Limestone, Lime, Sodium
  • DFGD Technology incorporates multi-stage humidification for high pollutant removal
  • Particulate Control offers FF, ESP and conversions
  • Our innovative solutions and first-rate project execution has earned MET one of the largest installation bases for AQCS around the world