Ammonium Sulfate / Ammonia-based FGD


SO2 Absorption Technology Installed at a Plant

Proprietary to and Patented by Marsulex Environmental Technologies
In the Ammonium Sulfate (AS) process, the absorption of SO2 is accomplished with either anhydrous or aqueous ammonia and converts the captured SO2 into a high value crop fertilizer. This advanced technology provides a unique solution enabling power generators to achieve regulatory compliance producing significant revenues by the sale of AS fertilizer.


Benefits of Ammonium Sulfate WFGD

Ammonia Sulfate Fertilizerzer.
  • Economics enhanced with low cost, high sulfur fuels
  • Reduces / eliminates solid and liquid waste disposal requirements / costs
  • Valuable AS fertilizer provides revenue stream
  • No CO2 greenhouse gas is produced in the AS WFGD process (unlike limestone/lime WFGD)

Opportunity Profile
The best opportunities to apply MET's AS Technology will be found at power plants that match the following profile:

  • High sulfur (2% or higher) fuel
  • Close proximity of ammonium sulfate user market
  • Unit size > 100MW +/-
  • Economically available ammonia source(s)

Advantages of AS WFGD System

  • Ammonia reagent more reactive than limestone and capable of achieving > 98% SO2 removal efficiency
  • Ammonia scrubber produces high value by-product versus low value gypsum or sulfite waste sludge
  • Designed with standard conventional critical equipment redundancy
  • AS water soluble chemistry prevents any internal build-up versus scaling potential with limestone scrubbing
  • Lower overall operating cost through elimination of waste product disposal and high value by-product production.

Commercially Proven Technology

  • Seventeen years of commercial operation at Dakota Gasification, 350MW
  • Seven years of commercial operation at Canadian Petrochem facility, 315 MW
  • Three years of commercial operation at Yanzhi Petrochemical Company Thermal Plant, 2 x 100MW
  • New commercial operation, with 2013 start-up date, at Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy Heating and Power Plant, 300 MW
  • Commercial acceptance in industrial and refinery marketplaces

Unique Package of Services Available:

  • Finance, build, own and operate the fertilizer plant
  • Fertilizer marketing services
  • Fuel and reagent procurement services