Mist Eliminators for SO2 Removal

The MET Limestone / Gypsum system utilizes an open spray tower and high velocity mist eliminators. The SO2 in the flue gas is absorbed by the recycle slurry, containing calcium carbonate. By introducing air into the absorber reaction tank the calcium sulfite reaction product is oxidized into calcium sulfate (gypsum). The gypsum is dewatered and can be used in agricultural applications or in the manufacture of wallboard and cement. MET has more than 30 years and 95 projects of WFGD design utilizing limestone.


Benefits of Limestone / Gypsum

  • Cost effective technology for SO2 removal efficiency of 98+%
  • Minimal disposal costs with saleable gypsum by-product
  • Oxidized mercury control co-benefit

Advantages of MET System Design

  • Open Spray Tower (lower pressure drop, no tray or packing)
  • Worldwide reputation for reliability and flexibility
  • Greater than 98% SO2 removal efficiencies
  • Patented Absorber Liquid Redistribution Device (ALRD)