Company Overview


Air Pollution Control System

MET - Marsulex Environmental Technologies provides traditional and advanced air quality control systems, services and solutions that cost effectively minimize pollutants, including SO2, particulate, NOxmercury and acid gas from emissions of electric utilities, petrochemical and general industrial customers around the world.

Our technologies enable plant operations to meet rigid environmental regulations and include original equipment and system upgrades in addition to engineering studies for Wet FGD, Dry FGD, SCR and Particulate Control technologies.

We understand the control of emissions is critical to our customer's operations, and embrace innovation and technology to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Our dedicated team of professionals place a high level of importance on the service we provide to customers before, during and after each project. At MET, we are committed to your success today, tomorrow and for generations to come.




WFGD Technology

MET's lineage includes the very beginnings of air pollution control technologies with Buell, Chemico, GE and Marsulex.

Our traditional and advanced technologies are custom engineered to meet specific situational and regulation requirements and include the following installations:


  • WFGD technology has been licensed or installed in projects totaling over 95,000 megawatts in 22 countries.
  • DFGD technology has an installation base of more than 70 vessels on coal-burning and general industrial plants.
  • Particulate Control technology has more than 75,000 megawatts of installation.
  • SCR technology, offered in alliance with Termokimik Corporation, has 4,000 megawatts of installation in the United States.
  • Typical Scope Wet FGD, 100 to 1,000 Megawatt (or equivalent) absorber sizes.
  • Engineer Procure (EP) basis or Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) basis.