ESP FF conversion

Buell APC and MET together form one of the strongest ESP-to-FF conversion teams in the industry. Not only can we design a Fabric Filter system that will increase your plant's particulate control, but we can help you determine if your casing is a good candidate for conversion by verifying :

  • The ESP casing footprint is large enough in volume to accommodate the required cloth area
  • The ESP hoppers and casing are in good shape with minimal corrosion
  • There is reasonable construction access to minimize outage time with modular sub-assembly installation.



Advantages to fabric filter conversion:

  • Lower Cost option than replacing with a new stand-alone baghouse
  • Installed in the existing ESP footprint
  • Minimal ductwork modifications and additions
  • Reuse of existing hoppers and ash evacuation system
  • High particulate removal efficiency especially of fines (PM2.5)
  • Equipped for future fine particulate PM2.5 removal standards
  • Enhanced mercury removal efficiency with sorbent injection


ESP to Fabric Filter Conversion