Air Pollution Control Systems

MET has a long history of supplying reliable and effective Open Spray Tower Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization systems. Our installations include more than 150 WFGD systems in 22 countries and include units firing coal, oil, waste tires and heavy residuals containing up to 7% sulfur. By offering Open Spray Towers, MET installations experience greater reliability by minimizing pressure drop caused by scaling or plugging on internal surfaces.

MET offers multiple technologies to remove SO2 from flue gas, including Limestone, Ammonium Sulfate, Lime, and Sodium Hydroxide.

We also offer engineering studies and upgrades on existing units, no matter the OEM.


ALRD® Control System Design

MET ALRD Patented and Proprietary Design

MET offers our patented ALRD™ Technology with most WFGD installations. This commercially demonstrated device abates flue gas sneakage and re-entrains slurry – ultimately increasing liquid to gas contact and SO2 removal efficiency by eliminating uneven spray density. By positioning ALRDs below selected spray levels, flue gas sneakage and any wall-clinging slurry is redirected into the spray zones, dramatically improving SO2 removal performance.

Sound interesting? Check out the published ALRD technical paper highlighting this equipment and what it did for a power plant in New Jersey.

Commercially Proven

  • Fifteen+ years of commercial operation at Dakota Gasification Company
  • Installed on over 50 absorbers and increasing SO2 removal on over 20,000 MW
  • Incorporated upfront in MET OEM designs

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